Labyrinth 2

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Enjoy the infinite labyrinths with this amazing game


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Labyrinth 2 is the perfect game for you if you like labyrinths and you’re looking for an app that’ll take it to the next level. If that’s the case, then you’ll for sure enjoy the impressive visuals, the unique concept and the game variety. Try to see if you can solve all the labyrinths!

Labyrinth 2 lets you explore different 3D labyrinths while enjoying some of the most incredible visuals. You can play with the normal mode that places you inside your typical labyrinth with stone walls and no ceiling. Here, you have to explore the different sections and collect all the coins you find along your journey. You also have to knock down blocks that stop you from moving forward by throwing yourself over them at the right speed. There’s also the opportunity of exploring some confusing (and pretty creepy) catacombs as well as a labyrinth that’s suspended in the abyss. This last one is probably the coolest one because of the game mode and its design.

In order to go through the different settings you have to get familiar with the controls. All of them are performed with different specific gestures on the screen. So, depending on the action you do, you’ll advance faster or slower, turn to one or another direction and jump. If you don’t become familiar with how to move around the labyrinths you’ll end up going in circles and lose your sense of direction (which could prove to be fatal in this game). Each game mode has several levels which means you can enjoy for hours on end.

Labyrinth 2 is an incredibly entertaining game with a super interesting concept full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Explore the labyrinths and find the secret chamber that holds the final trophy!